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Baby Food & Milk

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Baby Food & Milk


After 6 months a baby needs extra food and milk to meet the need of fulfilling proper nutritious benefits. Along with the support of breast milk, formula milk, and solid food, babies need different types of other foods according to their height, weight, growth, age, and appetite.

Therefore, there are many yummy food supplements for babies. And our online shop has a stock of those!

Babyshoppers also give you various types of food supplements and other essential food and milk options for your babies. You can check our website for any further details.

Ingredients of baby food and milk

There are various types of food and milk available in the market. Every single product has different types of ingredients. Basically, these baby foods and milk contain mainly good sources of protein, lactose, and other vitamins and mineral mix. Apart from these, vegetable oils are also used as an ingredient in baby food.

The other ingredients would be:

  • Cereal
  • Coconut oil
  • Fruity wholegrain porridge
  • Berry wholegrain porridge
  • Rolled oats

You will get baby food products that contain all these beneficial ingredients on our websites. So, please visit our babyshoppers website to place your order.

Benefits of baby food and milk

Whenever babies don’t want to eat anything and get bored with the same food, you can give them various types of baby food and milk. It adds to the new tastes and increases the health benefits of the body of a baby.

Apart from this, there are various benefits of having baby food or milk. They are:

  • These new food supplements have various types of fruits, vegetables, and other herbs that help to encourage better and healthy eating habits.
  • These food supplements provide enough calcium which improves the teeth and bones.
  • All the baby food and milk is a good sources of vitamins C, E, Zinc, B6, etc. SO, this food actually helps the fastest and most healthy growth of your child.
  • Then, in the baby milk, there is omega 3, omega 6, and DHA which are very prominent ingredients for babies’ brain development.
  • This baby food and milk have iron, high protein, and other minerals. So all these things actually make the healthy growth of your baby.

Our Collection 

In the sector of baby food online bd, there are no other shops that have these many collections that we have. Whatever you want in the baby food segment, you will get the product from us. Moreover, we give the best baby food supplement in bd at a very reasonable price.

Well, now let’s have a look at what we offer for your babies:

Gerber Organic Single Grain Rice Cereal

Gerber rice cereal is a very good food booster for babies. This product is organic and GMO-free. It contains organic flour rice, organic soy lecithin, vitamins, and other necessary minerals such as – carbonate, calcium, carbonate, niacinamide, etc. Moreover, this product is imported from the United States. So, this would be the best cereal for your baby.


Cow & Gate Fruity Wholegrain Porridge

Cow and gate fruity wholegrain porridge is the kind of product that ensures the maximum support of calcium and iron. The best thing about this product is there are no artificial colors, sugar, or preservatives.

Almarai full cream milk powder

This is a product of the United States. Almarai is one of the best leading food and beverage companies in the middle-east. The best thing about this product is it promotes the teeth, bones, and muscle growth of a baby. These products provide you with iron, emulsifier, vitamins A, C, and, D3, lactose, and cow milk.

Nestle Cerelac rice and mixed vegetables

This product contains 14 vitamins & minerals. It has DHA and Iron also. This is a good and affordable option for you.

Boots baby organic pasta shell

This amazing food supplement gives you relaxation when your baby won’t want to eat anything. Boots baby organic pasta shell has a delicious flavor. Moreover, it has no added salt, preservation, colors, or anything.

Cowhead baby organic rolled oats

This is an instant organic rolled oat for babies. Those who want a healthier lifestyle for their babies can have it for their babies. It has no preservations, no chemicals, no pesticides, and contains beta-glucan, dietary fiber, etc.

Health paradise organic baby oats

Health paradise organic baby oats come from Australia. These are the best quality oats. It has no chemicals, no pesticides, no preservation, and contains high beta-glucan.

Heinz baby pasta

Heinz baby pasta comes with iron, calcium, and vitamin B. This is a very good and quick recipe for babies. We keep this one from the UK. So, you wouldn’t be worried about the quality of this product.

Aptamil formula milk

Aptamil formula milk is the best baby milk in Bangladesh. This milk is imported from the UK. It has all the nutritious benefits along with vitamin D. It improves the immune system of babies also.

Gerber graduates puffs cereal snack banana

Gerber graduates puffs cereal snack banana is a good snack cereal. All the ingredients are very good in quality. However, this one is also imported from America. It contains rice flour, white starch, sugar, banana powder, natural flavor, etc.  This would surely be the first choice for your babies.  

Nido one plus growing up milk

Nestle Nido is a product of the United Arab Emirates. This is a growing formula for the baby. This is one of the popular baby milk in bd.

The 1 to 3 years old babies can take this formula milk. And it ensures the healthy growth and development of the babies. It has iron, zinc, selenium, and vitamins A, C, and D come along with the benefits of DHA. However, this baby milk price in Bangladesh is also very affordable according to the quality.


Horlicks junior vanilla flavor

Then, we have Horlicks junior vanilla flavor. It has the functions of weight gain, strong immune systems, and brain functions. The added vanilla flavor gives the extra nice flavor which babies love about it.

Pediasure complete vanilla

Pediasure provides balanced nutrition. It promises a triple-sure system. Hence, it helps the baby's height and builds strong muscle growth. This is also a good food supplement for teenage children.


We almost have in stock all the products that are in the baby food chart in Bangladesh. However, we always try to give the most reasonable price for baby food products in Bangladesh. If you compare the market of baby food in Bangladesh, then you will acknowledge our claim indeed!


Why you should buy our baby food and milk

We offer the best baby food price in bd. Most of the products are imported from abroad and all are of fresh quality. Sometimes we see in Bangladesh, the fresh and good quality products are not available that much and the different and demanding flavors are sometimes sold out. 

Especially in the countryside, people are not getting the updated product. In that case, you can choose babyshoppers. Because we always keep authentic products and new packaging products for our customers.

Moreover, we ensure a variety of products at a reasonable price. Then we solve all the problems if any rises. You will get the fastest delivery in all of Bangladesh.  



What stands apart?

All the quality full and top-notch brand products are available at our store. In Bangladesh, so many pages work on a pre-order basis. But you may not get any product on your own.

Here, we offer plenty of collections of almost all the renowned brands' products. We come with the best baby milk in bd. Almost all the brands including Gerber, nestle, Pediasure, cow gate, Aptamil, anchor, and Nido are available here. 

So, if you want to purchase some authentic baby food items, then why not choose us?