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Baby Oil

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Baby Oil


Baby oil has been used for a long time. It is kind of a tradition when we don’t have any medicated lotion for our babies. Baby oil is an amazing baby bodycare product that can give your baby 100% protection from dryness.

However, sometimes it is better to use baby oil instead of baby moisturizer as baby oil holds more moisture on the skin than lotion. But make sure you use it on damp skin.

At our store babyshoppers, we have 100% safe and pure baby oil from all over the world's top brands. You will get plenty of amazing collections which will take off your baby’s skin so nicely.

For getting a velvety and smooth texture of your baby’s delicate skin, you should not miss the chance to check out the babyshoppers website to get your desired baby oil.

Baby oil ingredients

Baby oil is made with various kinds of essential oils, vegetable oils, and mineral oils. Nowadays, you will even get various medicated vitamins contained in the oil. Typically, the ingredients of baby oil can be:

  • Petroleum
  • Liquid paraffin

These are mineral oils. Some of the studies have talked about the negativity of using mineral oils. Well, now you also will get vegetable oil-based vegan products. The common ingredients can be

  • Coconut oil
  • Palm oil
  • Fatty acids
  • Sunflower oil
  • Shea butter
  • Hydrophobic elements
  • Vitamin E, etc.

Therefore, all the top-notch baby brands have contained all the necessary and good ingredients of baby oil and they use these finest ingredients. Even their product is dermatologically tested, vegan, and with no harsh chemicals. 


Hence, before buying any baby oil, make sure about the product's quality. But we can ensure the best baby oil will not affect your baby’s skin with any bad reactions.


Benefits of using baby oil

There are lots of benefits to using baby oils. This oil can be used in the hair and scalp, then also the body parts.  Baby oil is something that you can use everywhere. From head to toe, this one product can care about.


The common benefits are:

  • Reduces dryness and flakiness
  • Preserves skin moisture barriers
  • Holds moisture
  • Beneficial as a massage oil for healthy baby growth
  • Maintains hydration and gives soft, silky, and smooth skin

Our collection

In our collection, we always try to keep the best options from all over the worlds for your baby’s delicate skin. Whatever you want, you can find it on our babyshoppers website.

A huge collection has been organized to serve your baby’s skin. If you look forward to the best baby oil in Bangladesh at the best baby oil price in Bangladesh, then there is no other better shop than us!



The collection of our products:

Johnson’s cotton touch hair and scalp oil

Johnson cotton touch hair and scalp oil is a product from Unilever company. Generally, it is import from the UK. This product works gently on the skin and removes dry flakes. After continuous application, you will see smooth and healthy skin after a few days. According to this baby hair oil price, this is probably the best solution.


Cetaphil baby massage oil

Cetaphil baby massage oil is specially made for your baby’s delicate skin and it preserves skin moisture barriers. It has shea butter, vitamin E, and sunflower oil. Shea butter gives the best nourishment to the skin. These ingredients are too good to smooth out the skin and hold moisture. However, this product is also imported from Germany.


Lucy Oliva Olive Oil

If you looking for the best olive oil for baby skin in Bangladesh, then lucy Oliva oil is the best. It is a product from Spain. So far, this is the best version of olive oil for daily use. 

This is another best oil that gives a soft feeling and keeps the skin from drying. It controls the comfort of the skin, especially in the winter season. 

Moreover, you can use this oil as a massage oil for your baby. According to baby olive oil price in Bangladesh, this one is cheaper but works thousands times better than other olive oil.


Ceylon Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This is a product of the holy grail. The best purest form of coconut oil that is perfectly used as a moisturizer. Even this extra virgin coconut oil can be consumed with various types of food.

Other than that, for body and skin care, and for hair care, this coconut oil does an amazing job!

Mamaearth soothing massage oil

Mamaearth soothing oil is made with various kinds of essential oils such as almond, sesame, and jojoba oil. This mixture gives the best solution for baby skin care.

It is a dermatologically tested and approved product. It is a famous India that you can surely rely on. Even, you can use this product for your newborn babies also.

Sebamed skin care oil

Sebamed skin care oil is very good for baby skin care. It reduces the irritation of the nappy area due to rashes. It cares about any kind of skin allergies and irritations. This product has the support of natural oils also. So, you can give it to your baby.

Tesco Fred and Flo baby oil

This is a cuddly soft baby oil for the use of baby skin care. This is very soft and gentle and perfectly holds moisture and smoothes out the skin. This is one of the best baby skin products in the UK. However, for the gentle care of your baby's skin, this will work best.


Boots baby oil

Boots baby oil is a very hydrating and easily absorbed product. For getting silky and soft skin, you can have it for your babies. It nicely holds the moisture level. Moreover, this product is dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin also.

Mothercare baby oil

Mothercare baby oil is made from natural extracts and it is suitable from birth. This product is also ideal for baby massages. Mothercare baby oil is a midwife-approved product that perfectly locks moisture on the skin and gives soft, smooth baby skin. This is also our imported product from India.

Asda little angel baby oil

Asda is a very popular brand in the UK and Europe. This is a pediatrician-approved product. It meets all the demands of baby oil. Moreover, this product is for all skin types and suits sensitive skin also.

Johnson baby oil

Last but not least, Johnson baby oil is the most famous and best baby oil in all over the world. It is clinically proven, mild baby oil is the best suitable for baby skin care use. This brand has one of the best baby oil in Bangladesh.


Why should you buy our baby oil?

We offer the best solution for your baby’s skin. We select these kinds of baby oils which serve baby oil purposes. Always having an emphasis on good ingredients gives exceptionality to our services.

Shea butter, a vitamin E-containing product, the best pure form of olive oil, and, dermatologically proven products are our first priority. 


We think that should be a matter of priority for our respected customers also. Most importantly, we give 100 % authenticity to our product. If you have any confusion regarding choosing the best product, we will suggest you according to your problems.


How to use baby oil?

To take all the baby oil activities, you have to know baby oil hacks. There are lots of benefits and usages of using baby oil. To perfectly use baby oil, you need to know when and how you should apply it.

  • Before giving the baby shower, you can massage your baby with the oil. It will promote healthy growth and avoid skin issues due to dryness.
  • Baby oil effects will improve the skin texture and give radiant to your baby's skin.
  • After bathing, you can also give it. It is very simple to use. Nothing needs to be ready to apply baby oil.

What stands apart?

  • Authenticity
  • No replica product
  • Customer priority
  • New and imported good brands product
  • Quick and cash on delivery