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Many of you really try to find some good brands for your baby at a reasonable price. Most of the time, the good brands of baby skin care become high range and many of you may not afford those brands. So here, I would like to introduce to you such a brand which is very good and reasonable at the same time. Yes, we are talking about the Dermadew brand.

Well, this is an Indian brand that comes with varieties of baby and adult skin care products. So let’s get into it to know the real facts.


About this brand

Dermadew is one of the most popular and well-known brands in India. According to the trademark registry’s record, Hemanth Hedge is the owner of this brand. All of the products of this brand are manufactured by hedge and hedge pharmaceuticals.

This brand comes with a significant range of products for adults and the baby also. All of their products work to maintain soft, supple skin.

Why should you use this brand?

Well, some of their products really do very well in service and make this brand one of the top choices of customers. Such as- Dermadew glow cream is such a good product that works really amazing on the skin.

If you look over the dermadew glow cream review, then you can understand how insanely people love this product. All of the ingredients of this brand are very pure and basic. No extra harsh chemicals are used here. 

So, this is one of the good and safe brands which you can try at a reasonable price. Apart from this, there are so many good features and facts that will help you to build your confidence to explore why you should use this brand. Let’s talk about it.


Good features


Most of their products are built with basic and good quality ingredients. Emollients, moisturizers, and nourishing elements are used in their baby lotion, moisturizers, and creams. All of these ingredients work for making the skin of the baby and adult so soft, and supple and improve overall skin texture.


Price range:

You will be very amazed if you compare the price according to the quality and ingredients. Their best-known dermadew glow cream price in Bangladesh is 850 taka. However, dermadew also does a good range of baby skin care products. Such as baby lotion, baby soap, baby cream, etc. Dermadew baby cream price in Bangladesh is almost 500 taka. They have baby soap also at a very good price. Dermadew soap price in Bangladesh is also 450 to 500 taka.


Work for:

All of this brand’s products work for eczema, dull and dry skin, signs of aging, oily skin suitable, and sensitive skin friendly. Dermadew brand’s products add glow to the skin and also reduce any dark or aging spots on the skin.


From where you can buy this brand’s product in Bangladesh

We, babyshoppers are the best and one of the trusted online shops in Bangladesh where you will get the dermadew baby products at a reasonable price. Babyshoppers always provides you with the best service and we are here to help you to choose the best brands among thousands of brands from all over world.

So, if you decide you will buy dermadew baby care products, then you can check our product page to get your desired products. We will never disappoint you with our service.

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For fresh and baby-soft skin there is no other brand compared with dermadew at this price range. So this is a very good deal if you want to use something good at a reasonable price.

Babyshoppers is always selling dermadew baby products at budget-friendly prices. We bring all the authentic products of this brand and deliver them to our lovely customers. 

Moreover, the quality, packaging, and every ingredient are responsible to keep the skin baby soft and safe to use on sensitive skin. Hence, you can use this brand’s products for all types of skin.

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