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Mothercare is a British company that has been making kids and baby care products since 1961. Their products are now popular in various regions of the world.

Boots, Superdrug, and also various super shops keep their products due to increased demand and the affordable price range.

However, this brand is also very well known in Bangladesh. There are various online and physical stores that sell Mothercare’s products. Babyshoppers has a quite good collection of Mothercare brand products. You can visit our website to know details about Mothercare’s collections.

Collections of Mothercare

Well, many of you may struggle to find varieties of products in one store. For them, babyshoppers come to a solution. You will get a variety of collections of Mothercare products here. Such as –

  • Mothercare baby powder
  • Mothercare head-to-toe wash
  • Mothercare bubble bath
  • Mothercare baby milk bath
  • Mothercare baby oil
  • Mothercare baby shampoo
  • Mothercare baby lotion etc

Mothercare products are good for your baby’s skin. It soothes irritated skin and sensitive skin also can use this brand. Moreover, Mothercare baby products in Bangladesh are now available in our store. So, you should not think twice about having their products for your baby.


Why you should go for Mothercare?

Mothercare is one of the best affordable brands in the UK. It ensures quality ingredients and also keeps the product within your budget. Because of their quality products, it becomes the first choice of the parents for their baby.

Now, you will also get Mothercare baby products in Bangladesh. So, if you are on a budget and also want to use a good UK brand instead of using any cheap one, you can use Mothercare products.


The price range of Mothercare products

Many of you have questions regarding the price of this brand’s products. Well, the Mothercare baby products price list is given below:

  • Mothercare baby shampoo price in Bangladesh is 650 -800 taka. Mothercare baby oil price in Bangladesh is 600-700 taka.
  • Mothercare baby powder price in Bangladesh is around 700- 800 taka. Mothercare baby lotion price in Bangladesh is nearly 800 taka.

However, Mothercare baby lotion price in bd and Mothercare baby kit price is quite affordable if you consider it with other baby brands like Aveeno or Johnson.

Hence, if you compare the quality and price range of Mothercare baby products, then I think it would be a very lucrative option to buy this brand’s products. 


Why should you buy Mothercare products from us?


Babyshoppers always ensure 100% authentic products from all over the world. You will get various brand and product options here. Our every product is imported and of the finest quality.

Best price

We give you the best price for each and every product. Compared to other online stores, we try to satisfy our customers with the most reasonable price.

Quality services

Babyshoppers always try to give deliveries very quickly. Within a very short period of time, you will get your product to your doorstep.