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Avent Baby Pacifier

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If you want to select a good pacifier for your little one, then there is no alternative way not to select Aven Baby Pacifier. This brand has created a strong position in Mamma's world because of its best quality. 

Surprisingly, you will get the best baby pacifier in Bangladesh at our online store, babyshoppers. Also, you will get various types of Avent Pacifiers in our store. 

Why is Avent is a good brand for baby pacifier 

There are some reasons which have made Avent baby pacifiers a good brand. 

The reasons are: 

  • Avent pacifier sizes are different according to the age of the baby.
  • The Pacifier has an orthodontic design which is very important for developing oral health.
  • This Avent pacifier is made with high quality material so that your baby always remains safe with the Pacifier.
  • Avent pacifier will maximize airflow which is good for your baby's skin. 

Our collection

In our online store, you will get numerous collections of Avent Baby Pacifiers. And all of these Avent Pacifier should be must-have item for your baby's oral development. 

Moreover, babies are different from each other. So, you have to select a perfect Avent pacifier for your baby. 

Let's check out our collection of Avent Baby Pacifiers:

Philips Avent Ultra Air Orthodontic Baby Soother: 

This baby pacifier is for 6 to 18-month-old babies. In fact, the origin country of the Pacifier is the UK. It's a lightweight pacifier. So, your baby will not feel irritation on their skin because of its pacifier. 

This baby pacifier Bangladesh's price is only 820 bdt. It's very smoother and secure for your baby indeed. 

Philips Avent Ultra Air Orthodontic Pacifier:

This Pacifier is made in the United Kingdom. As a result, you can rest assured that the quality of the Pacifier is top-notch. 

The baby pacifier price in BD is only 800 bdt. However, your little one will be comfortable with this baby pacifier. 

Amazing, this Avent pacifier sizes are different. They have 2 sizes for 0-6 months baby and 6-18 months baby. You can be sured that it is the best baby pacifier in Bangladesh. 

The ingredients an Avent baby pacifier is made with?

Avent baby pacifiers are made with high-end materials that are safe for babies. Also, the Pacifier has nipples, shields, and ventilation holes. You know ventilation holes will reduce airflow and make sure that the baby has no irritation with the Pacifier. 

The shield is made without the BPA materials. Also, it's made of plastic and it is lightweight. 

How to use a baby pacifier? 

To use a baby pacifier, you have to select the right pacifier for your baby. Also, you should clean the Pacifier before using it. 

Note that you should introduce it to your baby gradually. Then, you have to put it gently on their lower lips and wait for their suckling. 

Safety Tips

The shield of the Pacifier has to have a 3.8 cm distance from the nipple of the Pacifier. Otherwise, your baby can take the entire Pacific into their mouth. 

Moreover, you shouldn't tie Pacifiers with your child's neck or hand. You have to remember these 2 safety tips for sure. 


Can a baby sleep with an Avent pacifier?

Answer: A baby of less than 1 year shouldn't sleep with an Avent pacifier. 

Are Avent pacifiers good for newborns?

Answer: Avent pacifiers are good for newborns as doctors recommend this. 

Do pacifiers cause gas?

Answer: Sucking the Pacifier can increase gas in the baby's tummy. 

Why should you choose Avent baby pacifiers from us? 

We have original Avent baby pacifiers at our online store, babyshoppers have all the authentic baby pacifiers imported from the UK directly. The Pacifier is BPA - free and it's very helpful to develop your baby's oral in a natural way. 

Avent pacifier for breastfed babies is very important to buy from a good and trustable store. Indeed, you can trust us with confident about your baby Avent pacifier product. We assure you that the quality of the Pacifier will be top-notch after shipping it.