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Avent Feeder Nipple

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For your baby's development stage, you have to choose a perfect Avent feeder nipple to feed them breastfed formula. In fact, it's important because you have to make the transition gradually for frequent feeding to your baby. 

If you are searching Avent feeder Nipple for your little one, then babyshoppers should be your name of trust. Babyshoppers offers Avent feeder nipple Bangladesh online at the best price. 

Why is Avent a good brand for feeder nipples? 

Avent is considered a good baby feeder nipple brand because their nipple made with high-end quality. Your baby will remain safe with it. The Nipple design of the brand is very innovative. 

This brand comes with a very comfortable and convenient baby feeder nipple. Also, you will have a variety collection in the Avent feeder nipple Bangladesh online store, babyshoppers. 

Our collection

Avent feeder Nipple size should be different according to your child's age. In our online store, babyshoppers have numerous collections of Avent Feeder Nipple, Those are: 

Philips Avent Classic+ Nipple 1m+:

This brand is from the United Kingdom. In fact, the Nipple is designed for one-month-old babies. Moreover, you can use the nipple with all kinds of baby bottles.

The cost of this newborn feeder nipple in Bangladesh is only 580 Bdt. 

Philips Avent Anti-Colic Nipple 3m+:

This nipple is very suitable for the newborn baby. In fact, the nipple is perfect for a baby who is still improving their feeding style. 

This Avent feeder nipple in Bangladesh price is a little bit expensive. The price of a baby feeder nipple in Bangladesh is only 640 bdt. 

Philips Avent Natural Nipples 6M+ 2pcs:

Philips Avent is designed for the infant with 6M+ nipples. In fact, it will increase the feeding capacity of the baby. Also, it will increase the swallowing capacity of the baby. 

The feeder nipple price in bd is only 560 bdt in our online store. Your baby will get a natural feeding experience with the nipple. 

Philips Avent Natural Nipple 0M+ 2pcs:

For a newborn baby from birth, this nipple is the perfect one. In addition, the rate flow of this nipple is slow. So, it will give a slower flow of breast milk. 

In babyshoppers, this feeder nipple Bangladesh price is only 560 bdt. 

The ingredients an Avent baby feeder nipple is made with?

Avent baby feeder nipple is made with some ingredients. Which are:

  • The nipple is made with medical-grade silicone or latex. In addition, the shape of the nipple is like a mother's breast.
  • The base or collar of the nipple is made with BPA-free plastic materials.
  • Some Avent nipples have an anti-colic ventilation and flow rate mechanism. It is a  system to decrease air intake while feeding and control milk flow rate.

How to use a baby feeder nipple? 

You have to put breast milk formula into the bottle with an Avent feeder nipple. After that, you should hold your baby close and take the bottle into your baby's mouth perfectly so that your baby can take milk from the Avent nipple. 


Safety Tips

There are some safety tips for the Avent nipples which are given below:


1. You have to buy an Avent nipple which is appropriate for your baby's age. 

2. You should check the Avent feeder nipple size regularly whether it's good or not. 

3. If you face any problem with the nipple, then you should change it immediately. 

4. After using the Avent nipple once, you have to clean it. 

5. Don't do anything that will enlarge the hole of the nipple, then the milk with overflow. 

6. Lastly, you have to check whether the milk flow in the nipple is appreciated with your baby's age or not. 



Do Avent nipples fit all bottles?

Answer: The Avent nipples are very compatible with the Avent bottles. But it can be used with natural bottles. 


How long do Avent nipples last?

Answer: The Avent nipples last at least 3 months. After that, you should change the nipples. 


When to change bottle nipple size Avent?

Answer: If you see the hole of the bottle nipple is too big, then you should change it. Otherwise, the milk will flow from the nipple. 


Why should you choose Avent baby feeder nipple from us? 

We offer the best baby feeder Nipple brand, Avent. You will get a high-quality Avent feeder Nipple from our online store, babyshoppers. Moreover, this website will provide you the variety collection of Avent feeder Nipple. 


We never compromise in terms of the baby's products. You can select the best Avent feeder Nipple according to your baby's age from us.