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Avent Feeder

The Avent feeder has plenty of good features. In addition, it's very easy to use. And because of its worldwide reputation, it's safe for your baby. However, you can find the best Avent feeder from us, Babyshoppers online store. 

You can purchase any Avent feeder according to your choice. You can choose one Avent feeder from our collection which is appropriate for your baby's age. 

Why is Avent a good brand for baby feeders? 

Avent has built a very good reputation in the baby feeder industry. In fact, the materials of the feeder are great for the health of the baby. 

The brand offers various nipples with different flow rates. As a result, you can change the Nipple of the feeder according to your baby's needs. 

Also, the design of the feeder is made very significantly so that parents can use the feeder easily. It has the adaptability of the infant's needs. 

Our collection

We have numerous types of Avent feeder sets in our online store, babyshoppers. That’s why, hopefully, you will find your desired Avent feeder from our store. 

Let's see some of our best Avent feeder collections:

Philips Avent Anti-Colic Wide Neck Feeder 260ml Twin Pack: 

The feeder holds 260ml breast milk because it has a 260ml capacity. Also, the wide neck design makes the feeder more convenient. 

It's a twin-pack feeder. So, the parents will have two feeders. As a result, they can use the feeder according to their needs. This Philips Avent feeder price in Bangladesh is only 1290 bdt. 

Avent Natural Glass Feeding Bottle 240ml:

It's a very stylish baby feeder. In addition, the materials of the Avent feeder are glass. So, you can be sure that there are no harmful chemicals. 

The capacity of the feeder is 240ml. The Avent feeder Bangladesh price is only 680 bdt. 

Philips Avent Natural Feeder Blue- 260ml:

It's a very reliable choice for the parents. It has a wide breast nipple. As a result, it's very easy to move your baby from breast to feeder bottle. 

You will find this Avent feeder in Bangladesh's online store, babyshoppers. This baby feeder price in Bangladesh is only 880 bdt. 

The ingredients an Avent baby feeder is made with?

Avent feeder is made with safe and high-end ingredients. It is made without BPA polypropylene plastic. Also, silicone is used as an ingredient in the feeder. 

The Avent feeder is the same for the baby because of the BPA-free materials. In fact, the silicone material is good for the baby's health because of its soft, flexible materials. 

Moreover, if you don't like the plastic materials of the feeder, then we have alternatives for you. You can buy the glass Avent feeder instead of the plastic. 

How to use a baby feeder? 

For feeding your little one with the Avent feeder, you have to fill the store of the feeder with breast milk. After that, you need to bring the nipple to your baby's mouth. Then, your baby automatically feeds milk from the Avent feeder. 

Safety Tips

You should follow some safety tips while using the Avent feeder. Those are:

  • You have to always check your Avent feeder whether the condition is good or not.
  • According to your baby's age, you should buy the feeder.
  • Before using it, you should read the feeding supervision perfectly.
  • If the feeder has anti-colic vents, then you have to clean it perfectly.
  • After cleaning the inside of the feeder, you have to dry it in cool air.
  • Lastly, You should not prop the Avent feeder during the feeding time.


Is Philips Avent good for newborns?

Answer: Phillies Avent is the best option for newborn babies. 

How long can you use the Avent feeder?

Answer: You can use an Avent feeder bottle at least 4 to 6 months. After that, you should change it. 

How many times can we use a feeding bottle?

Answer: If you leave your breast milk formula in the bottle, then you can use it quickly again. 

Why should you choose an Avent feeder from us? 

If you buy the Avent feeder set from our online store, then you will have the best feeding experience with your babies. Because you can have the authentic Avent feeder from babyshoppers. 

Moreover, we offer the best baby feeder price in Bangladesh. From our website, you can choose the Avent feeder price in BD according to your budget and baby's age.