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Sebamed is one of the brands of very popular and best products for baby care. This brand is from the UK. Many of you may not get the brand at your local store. Hence, there is always a question regarding the authenticity of the product in Bangladesh.

Under these circumstances, babyshoppers give you amazing service. You will get almost all the products of this brand in our online store. We provide you with the best quality product at a reasonable price.

Let’s see the details about Sebamed products in Bangladesh.


Collection of Sebamed at Babyshoppers

There are lots of collections of Sebamed baby products at our store. The list of the available products has given below:

  • Sebamed soap
  • Sebamed face wash
  • Sebamed baby cream  
  • Sebamed baby body lotion
  • Sebamed baby skin care oil
  • Sebamed baby powder
  • Sebamed soothing massage oil
  • Sebamed diaper rash cream
  • Sebamed baby cream extra soft
  • Sebamed baby bubble bath
  • Sebamed baby protective facial cream
  • Sebamed baby body wash extra soft
  • Sebamed baby shampoo
  • Sebamed baby cleansing bar


Why should you go for Sebamed?

If you consider the price of Sebamed baby products in Bangladesh, then it is highly appreciated that Sebamed has very good quality products compared to their price.

Quality ingredients of this brand

Sebamed is a renowned brand that uses amazing ingredients in its products. These ingredients are very gentle and no harsh chemical is used here. That’s why this would be safest for your baby.

Here are some special features of Sebamed

UK brand

However, Sebamed is a UK-made brand. UK brands are thousands of times better than any other region brands like Thailand, India, Europe, etc.

Varieties of collection

Sebamed has released almost all the necessary products for your baby. You will get lots of variation in their products. So, you will not get bored by using the same product range again and again.


Furthermore, the feedback of the customer whoever has used this brand is also worth enough to buy this brand.

Why should you buy Sebamed products from us?


We are not compromising any kind of quality regarding our service. We provide 100% authentic products of Sebamed in Bangladesh. You will get top-notch quality products at your doorstep from us.


Price range

If you compare the price of Sebamed products, then you will understand how at a cheap and reasonable price we are giving you the Sebamed products.

Sebamed shampoo price in Bangladesh is almost 1000 taka. Sebamed soap price in Bangladesh is nearly 500 tk. Then, Sebamed face wash price in Bangladesh is 800 to 1000 ta,ka and Sebamed baby cream price in Bangladesh is nearly 1200 taka.

Last but not the least, Sebamed sunscreen price in Bangladesh is almost 1200 to 1300 taka.

However, you will get all of these products from our website for almost less than this price.

Quality services

Most importantly, we always try to satisfy our customers in the best way. You will get deliveries within 3 to days all over Bangladesh. We carefully handled their demands and work to satisfy them.