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Mom Care

Mom Care

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Mom Care

Babies are always treated with lots of love, care, and affection. But sometimes we forget about the mom who takes the baby into this world. During and after pregnancy, the mother has changed a lot. She needs care also.

So, for taking this thing into account, we, babyshoppers suggest you see our mom care collection!

Every single mother should use this product and also know the facts about why you need those. The personal care of a nursing mom is really needed. With this, the nursing mom also needs some special products as she is a nursing mom and has taken care of her baby.

So, let’s see what you will find in our collection.


Our collection of mom care products

Babyshoppers comes with baby care products in Bangladesh as well as we have plenty of products for the mother.

On our websites, you will see we keep three types of products for mom care.  Such as-

  • Breastfeeding
  • Maternity care
  • Health care

Basically, our mother needs these three types of products. In the breastfeeding corner, we keep:


Breast milk storage bag

We have a china imported breast milk storage bag. This is really a very good product for working mothers. These storage bags keep the breast fresh for a long time.


Electric breast pump

We have various types of electric breast pumps. Ravco is one of them. Then, we have a Medela single electric pump. Most of them are imported from china. But some are imported from the UK. However, these tools have a few parts which are easy to clean and have a USB port and easy charging system.


Manual breast pump

Babyshoppers has the world's best mom care product. In the manual breast pump sector, we have Phillip Avent, Pur classic, pigeon, and Farlin manual breast pumps.


Rechargeable breast pump

We have a very premium and high-range breast pump. Phillip Avent premium rechargeable breast pump is one of the best products in this line. It has natural motion technology, clinically proven technology, and upright motion of pumping.


Nipple cream

Lansinoh nipple cream is always in our stock as it helps soothe and protect sore, cracked nipples and dry skin. Moreover, it is breastfeeding-friendly, so no need to remove it before breastfeeding.


Disposable breast pads

We have various types of disposal pads in stock. Farlin is a good brand in breast pads that has this, 3D contour-shaped, ultra-absorbent breast pad. It will give you maximum comfort and lock the extra milk and moisture inside the pad.


Breast milk storage bottle

This kind of bottle is very much useful to keep milk in the refrigerator.  We have imported good quality bottles for the use of storage purposes.


Washable breast pad

On our website, you will find washable breast pads also. There are so many brands that come with washable breast pads. You can reuse it over and over.

Then, the newly becoming mother needs the maternity care product. As such, we have:


The bodycare women's nursing bra

This type of front open, padded, and a push-up bra is really needed for the nursing mother. This is a must-have product for them. Body care is an amazing company that does various types of maternity bras. On our website, you will get this brand's product also.


Premium maternity belt

Babyshoppers offers you the best quality premium maternity belt. This belt does a wonderful job to reduce backache. It also reduces the chances of getting a miscarriage. Moreover, it has an adjustable length. You can wear it according to your comfort.


Then, you will find healthcare products for the mom. Here, we keep the after-pregnancy care product also. If you want you can check it out. The product list is


Sebamed anti-stretch mark cream

This product is an amazing product that recovers the stretch mark of the skin which has come during and after pregnancy. Sebamed anti-stretch mark cream maintains a 5.5 pH level on the skin. This is made with avocado oil and shea butter which helps to reduce the stress mark with the new adapting connective tissue of the skin.


However, this is imported from the UK. It claims to be one of the best solutions for stress marks.


Vitabiotics pregnacare 90 tablets

This is expert nutrition during pregnancy. It has iron zinc, folic acid, vitamin d, b 12. Moreover, it is a supplement of 19 vitamins and minerals. This is also a product imported from the UK. There is no side effect of it.


Palmer’s cocoa butter bust cream

Palmer’s cocoa butter formula is developed with vitamin E. it has collagen, elastin, and shea butter. This formula maintains high-quality ingredients and is best for nursing moms. It helps to firm and tone the skin of the bust area. This product also does amazing work on stress marks also.


Palmer’s cocoa butter tummy cream

This tummy buttercream is intensive care for stress marks and saggy skin. It contains collagen, elastine, argan oil, and shea butter to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the skin.


Over 98% of women see the visible result after using this product. It is ideal to use at night time and it gives maximum hydration of 48 hours.


Palmer’s massage cream

Palmer’s massage cream has a concentrated formula that works great as a massage cream to reduce the stress mark on the skin. It has argan oil along with collagen, elastin, and shea butter. This is paraben free and dermatologically approved. Hence, without any confusion, you can take this one.


Bio oil

Bio oil is imported from South Africa. It is a specialist skincare oil for stress marks, scars, uneven skin tone, aging skin, and dehydrated skin. It contains a breakthrough ingredient called porcelain oil. This is another good option for a new mom.


You can use all of these products from the beginning of the pregnancy to reduce and prevent the chance of getting scars and stretch marks.



Why should buy our mom care products?

In the maximum case, new mom products are being sometimes ignored. However, quality mother care products in Bangladesh were rare. Now, in the era of the internet, we have found varieties of quality products from abroad. 


Babyshoppers is such an online store that actually gives you original and authentic world-class mom and baby care products to you.


However, nowadays, you will get plenty of mother care products in Bangladesh. In our collection, we keep those kinds of products that have used good ingredients and are freshly made by that particular company.


All the products are imported and shipped for our valuable customers. And these are effective for the skin. We keep the promise and give the best product. 


We offer you different segments for easy recognition. If you visit our website, you can find all the necessary products for you very easily.


What we stand apart

We stand apart from other various pages due to the fact that we have a nice customer-business owner relationship. Our vision is very clear. Our first priority is our customers. So, if any customer dissatisfaction arrives, we try to solve the problem immediately. 


We deliver all products cash on delivery all over Bangladesh. Then, some of the issues we are highly taken care of-

  • No replica product
  • Authenticity & transparency
  • Customer priority
  • New and imported good brands product
  • Quick and cash on delivery

We believe in quality service. How many products we have sold that’s not the main issue. The main thing is how much quality product and service we can give to our customers.


In this regard, the babyshoppers is different from others. So, many of you may think that mothercare baby products price in Bangladesh from good brands are high in price. But we assure you the best price and have different price ranges for products so that everyone can purchase from us.